Best Deck Paint to Transform Your Deck – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

What is Deck Paint?

Not every outdoor items are replaceable. We aren’t supporting the hoarding attitude. Yet, some ancient pieces can have joyous memories embedded in them, while others can be reused if properly cured. Whatever the reason is, if you’re currently thinking about restoring your old deck, metal piece or woodwork to life, treating them with the best deck paint will be an elevated decision.
While bunches of deck paint brands are claiming their product to be the ultimate solution for your needs, we recommend giving a thought on your WHY. Once you understand your needs and criteria to target (refer to the buying guide), you can easily collect your preferred one from the best deck paint reviews list below.

10 Best Deck Paint Comparison Table

Image Name Features View
Durabak 18 (For Outdoors), TEXTURED version Durabak 18 (For Outdoors), TEXTURED version Brand : Durabak
Weight : 15 pounds
Color : Dark Blue
Material : Polymer
Special : Waterproof
Ready Seal 525 5-Gallon Pail Dark Ready Seal 525 5-Gallon Pail Dark Brand : Ready Seal
Weight : 1 pounds
Color : Dark Walnut
Material : Oil Based
Special : Waterproof
Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Brand : L R
Weight : 44 pounds
Color : Original Black
Material : Polymer
Special : Waterproof
KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel Brand : KILZ
Weight : 11.37 pounds
Color : Silver/Gray
Material : Acrylic Based
Special : N/A
Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Green 5 Gal Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Green 5 Gal Brand : L R
Weight : 48 pounds
Color : Hunter Green
Material : Polymer
Special : Waterproof
Cool Pool Deck Coating - 200 sq. ft. Bundle Pack Cool Pool Deck Coating – 200 sq. ft. Bundle Pack Brand : Encore Coatings
Area : 200 sqf
Color : White
Material : Acrylic Paint
Special : Waterproof
Valspar 3125-70 Barn and Fence Latex Paint Valspar 3125-70 Barn and Fence Latex Paint Brand : Valspar
Weight : 57 pounds
Color : White
Material : Latex Paint
Special : Waterproof
Xypex Concentrate Xypex Concentrate Brand : Xypex
Weight : 60 pounds
Color : Grey
Material : Cement Based
Special : Waterproof
TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck Paint TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck Paint Brand : TotalBoat
Area : 250-300 sqf
Color : White
Material : Non-Skid paint
Special : Waterproof
TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint Brand : TotalBoat
Coverage: 350-400 sq. ft
Color : Whaler Blue
Special : Waterproof

Best Deck Paint Product Reviews

1. Durabak 18 (For Outdoors), TEXTURED version

Durabak 18 (For Outdoors), TEXTURED versionMeant to be used outdoors, Durabak 18 allows unlimited applications under the sun with no compromise on quality involved. This polyurethane protective coating comes in as one part and highly moisture cured.

Owing to the components used, especially the fragments of recycled rubber tire, it becomes sturdy with extreme flex about its structure. Besides. It neither slips nor gets damaged in touch of water.

Even the DIYers can bring a professional-grade finish in their projects by applying this top deck paint. It’s useable with spray, brush, or Durabak Depot’s special Stipple Roller. In terms of surfaces recommended for its application include wood, fiberglass, concrete, metal and so on.

Easy to use, the Durabak 18 requires only two steps (opening the can and stirring the paint) before you use it on the prepared surface. Last but not the least, nuclear aircraft carriers of US Navy have approval on using this best paint for deck.


What we liked
  • Won’t peel, flake,  or chip upon the deck’s being bent or vibrate
  • Professionals favorite for all types of coating
  • Flexible structure
  • Resistant to slippery and waterproof
  • Enduring and multi-purpose
What we didn’t like
  • Not for aluminum surfaces

2. Ready Seal 525 5-Gallon Pail Dark

Ready Seal 525 5-Gallon Pail DarkIf you’re searching for something that’s easy to apply on your wooden deck, the Ready Seal  should be your first choice. It supports application through brush, sprayer, or roller – versatility at the top!

Unlike other brands, it doesn’t require back brushing when done. Also, the result is pure magic, that brings no spot on the applied surface, and no streaks literally mean seamless painting at your DIY projects.

Whenever you’ll be saying this deck paint, no thinning or diluting is compulsory. Therefore, you can make the paintwork just outside the box. It will dry within 72 hours or less, depending on the temperature and humidity outside.

This biodegradable sealing also protects your deck from the attack of mold, mildew and harmful UV rays. With all these qualities included, there remains no question on why this is seen in almost all the researcher’s list of best deck paint review.


What we liked
  • Semi transparent and oil based
  • Appropriate for exterior wood works
  • Fights bitter UV rays, mold and mildew
  • Biodegradable seal and fast drying
  • Wet line application isn’t a must
What we didn’t like
  • Users claimed it as not waterproof

3. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof SealantWhile thousands of best deck paint reviews failed to satisfy users having eco-conscious minds, this L.R. product will surely win their hearts. It’s environment-friendly and hence, safe for both humans and pets to touch. Without worrying about the disastrous consequence, you can easily apply it indoors and see the top-notch aestheticism at work.

Each gallon can cover 50 sq ft flat surface, even when you apply a 3 to 4 heavy coat.  On a vertical surface, the calculation is a little bit different. One gallon of Liquid Rubber can help you do 2 to 3 heavy coating covering 100 sq ft.

One thing to remember – to get the optimum outcomes as mentioned in its deck paint reviews, avoid to apply the coat when the surface is wet. Dampness on the deck due to the rainy weather is another time when you should wait for a minimum of 24 hours before you apply this waterproof sealant.


What we liked
  • Multipurpose – can be used on wood, metal, concrete and so on
  • Applicable with brush, roller and paint sprayer
  • Merely soapy water is enough to clean from skin
  • Well symmetry and good finishing are assured
  • Super waterproof
What we didn’t like
  • Expensive

4. KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior Enamel

KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior EnamelBuilt to resist all sorts of negative impacts caused by different weather conditions, the KILZ L573611 can keep your deck, patio siding, porch, and floors new looking throughout the year. Its versatility extends to priming the trellises, trim and siding.

This top deck paint is extremely efficient. It can cover 200-300 sq ft with just 1 gallon. This is for rough surfaces. On flat or smooth it covers more areas, approximately 300-400 square feet. Its enduring characteristic is also backed by easy to clean traits. So, while it remains on the deck’s surface permanently, upon its getting stuck with your skin, you can easily get rid of it.

Apart from no peeling or scuffing, this product accompanies mildew resistant film. And kudos to its fast drying feature (takes only 1 hour to be touch dry), a low luster finish comes smoothly (even Silver Gray surfaces) as you recoat the deck in 4 to 6 hours.


What we liked
  • Versatile application
  • Becomes touch dry within 1 hour
  • Contains a mildew resistant film
  • Smooth low luster finish
  • Ideal for primed wood & masonry
What we didn’t like
  • The paint may arrive spilled out the container

5. Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Green 5 Gal

Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Green 5 GalBuilding a waterproof membrane, this Liquid Rubber protects your flat, metal, or sloped roofs from any sort of damaging impact of the universe. Applying it is easy. You can use either a brush or a roller to paint. Spraying is also recommended if you can top-grade sprayer.

Regarding the chemical ingredients involved, the manufacturer of this water-based deck paint has assured its quality of being highly environment-friendly. Zero solvents or VOC means a lot healthier than other models available out there.

Consequently, you won’t need any special respiratory kits while applying. Words to be noted – it’s not preferable to use in wet conditions. Let the surface be dry and clean and then proceed. Remove all the oil, grease or flakes from the deck and the outcome will be better than you’ve imagined.


What we liked
  • Eco friendly
  • No solvents or VOC is present
  • Free from harmful odor
  • Safe for humans & pets
  • Easy to clean up
What we didn’t like
  • A few purchasers complained against late dry

6. Cool Pool Deck Coating – 200 sq. ft. Bundle Pack

Cool Pool Deck Coating - 200 sq. ft. Bundle PackDo you want to enhance the beauty around your pool? Want to coat the pool so that the intense heat of the sun should not damage your poolside cement? Try this Cool Pool Deck Coating to get rid of such anxiety.

You can get your preferred bundle depending on the amount of space your pool is on. If you have more space that exceeds 200 sq. ft, then you should buy more bundles to complete the coat. Again, this product guarantees the reduction of heat build-up on hot concrete!

In addition, this cool pool coating is made of natural paint equipment which makes it be effective. Not only that! It influences a wonderful slip-resistant surface that lasts for years! Lastly, it is able to tint to any ascribable color. In fact, if you try it once in your pool side, you will never return to other models.


What we liked
  • Covers 200 square feet
  • Perfect for restoring beauty to your old decks
  • Can tent almost all the colors
  • Backed by a lifetime residential warranty.
What we didn’t like
  • Not for wooden decks

7. Valspar 3125-70 Barn and Fence Latex Paint

Valspar 3125-70 Barn and Fence Latex PaintValspar 3125-70 Barn and Fence Latex Paint is a fade and weather resistance paint box that flows on smoothly and dries to a tough, durable finish. Two size gallons are available in the market, gallon 1 and gallon 5. The weight of gallon 1 is 12.6 pounds and the weight of gallon 5 is 57 pounds. You will choose the item as per your requirements.

Valspar 3125-70 flows on smoothly after coating on your desired elements and dries to a tough, durable finish. It is a fade and weather resistant item. You can use for exterior surfaces such as; wood, masonry and primed metal and such.

It has two types of colors, red and white. Gallon 5 item covered almost 30 foot long and 12 ft wide range area. Valspar latest paint dries in within one hour in below 50 degrees faster in warm temperatures, that is really amazing!

Apart from that, it has a good color contrast and a very good weather barrier. You can try to use on a metal fence for a matte and durable finish. You will be very pleased with the very last output.


What we liked
  • Weather resistant
  • Smooth and durable finish
  • Good for masonry, wood, primed metal
  • Aesthetically appealing
What we didn’t like
  • Gets molds within 6 months

8. Xypex Concentrate

Xypex Concentrate60 pounds, gray color Xypex Concentrate is the most chemically effective product within the Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing System. It is not only a non-toxic chemical treatment that protects the concrete but also has a unique ability to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation as well.

Xypex Concentrate resists extreme hydrostatic pressure and can seal hairline cracks up to 0.4 mm successfully. It allows concrete to breathe with freedom. This product is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals. You can coat the concretes 320-350 sq.ft. at 1.5lb sq. yd., or 60′ at 1lb/ft.

You can use the Xypex Concentrate for interior and exterior concrete surfaces that are subject to water pressure. Because it can seal any damp basement concrete block wall by filling the cracks and creates a protective border. Finally, the included three page document makes installation easier.


What we liked
  • Nearly permanent, long lasting
  • Won’t puncture or tear with the passing of time
  • Having the surface dry isn’t a must
  • Affordable option
What we didn’t like
  • No negative remark recorded so far

9. TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck Paint

TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck PaintAlso called Marine-Grade Anti Slip Traction Coating, the TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck Paint is a polyurethane formula mix with unparalleled Propyltex wax texturing agents that form a better bond to the paint than products of other brands.

Two sizes are available in the market. Quart and gallon size. They come with paint pots, 2 stir sticks and one pair of large latex gloves. More? 4 color options are available – white, beige, gray and light gray. It is slip resistant, and easy to apply on fiberglass & wood decks.

It reduces sun glare perfectly while preventing daily wear & tear from destroying the deck. So, opt for it and make your favorite deck free from slip and fall injuries, otherwise, it may ruin your holiday.

Best uses are suggested for the boat side, decks front, docks, ramps, steps, gangways, cabin soles and tops, anchor locker covers, and much more. To get the most fruitful result, you can apply two coats. For a better and more aggressive grip, we recommended applying a third coat.


What we liked
  • Not abrasive
  • More coat, greater grip
  • Beautiful finish
  • Not expensive
What we didn’t like
  • Slippery, so, be careful until it dries properly

10. TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint

TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside PaintThe TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint is a super high gloss and durable paint that makes your boat, outdoor door, or leash safe and more beautiful than it was before. Its challenging formula lets you brush independently or roll & tip your way to a bright and beautiful, long-lasting finish that looks like you sprayed it without hiring any professional painter.

Two sizes are available in the market. Quart size and Gallon size. But it provides 21 vibrant colors. So, you have a lot of colors to choose from. Its coverage level is 350-400 sq. ft./gallon.

This best deck paint is super high gloss and extremely durable. A flexible cure to avoid lifting, peeling or any kind of cracking. Guaranteed formula! No chance to discolor or fade while continuously use.

It’s easy to apply in multiple styles – brushing, topping, rolling, tipping and spraying. More application is appreciated for fiberglass, wood and previously painted surfaces. The package includes two color mixing pot, two wooden stir sticks and a pair of gloves.

So, try to figure out the best solution for your particular project with TotalBoat Wet Edge Paint. One thing you should remember that, do not apply this topside paint to the continuous submersion on boat bottoms that actually stay in water three days long.


What we liked
  • Easy brushability
  • Ensures professional look
  • UV protected
  • Provides a high gloss finish
  • Easy to clean
What we didn’t like
  • Not for decks that remain underwater for 72+ hours

Buyers Guide

Since it’s nearly impossible and factually irrelevant to purchase bunches of deck paints of different brands while searching for the best one for your deck, the following guide will lead you to the ultimate match. Another buying guide for 10 Best Radiant Barriers.

Paint Type

To ensure that your required feel and resistance are up to the mark for the paint, it’s compulsory to see their types before you step on the road.  Below is given the paint variations in detail –

Oil: This type of deck paint is a combination of oil and some mineral additives (a mixture of liquid & tiny mineral pieces). Before you apply, the most important thing to keep in mind is whenever you start coating or recoating, you should stir the paint each time. The only downside is it takes long (about 2 days) to dry.

Alkyd: For charming vibe and astounding effect, alkyd deck paint stands to be phenomenal. It’s versatile and allows improved texture when amalgamated with certain types of granite or sand. Some oft for mixing it with resin or glycerin according to their preference. Being resistant to weather effects, the alkyd paint saves your deck from moisture penetration.

Acrylic: This one is water-based, yet weather resistant. Immune to rain and fog, Acrylic paint can go a long way on wooden decks. No crack during temperature changes is what makes it a favorite item for thousands of users. Around 7 hours is enough to make it dry, so you can use the painted surface shortly without any unwanted incidents like slipping or leaving (permanent) footprints.

Rubber:  Also known as latex paint, rubber paint is highly eco friendly. No protective gloves or respirator kit is required while applying it. Families having little kids can choose it worrying little about its negative impacts. However, it’s not the one for those who are on a budget.


When you’re thinking only about the aestheticism of your deck, the thought of the color of your deck paint becomes the primary feature to consider. The easiest tips we can share is to choose something that matches about 90% of your deck’s natural color.

Wear Resistance

If your deck paint keeps on chipping out from time to time, you may end up spending more money on repairing than the actual cost of the paint. To avoid such a traumatic experience, bring something more stable and long lasting. Here you can choose the comparatively expensive and best paint for a deck rather than cheap ones.

Protected from Cracks

Ultraviolet rays can have harmful effects on the deck paints. So, selecting the ones that are backed by the anti-cracking feature would be a rewarding idea. Such models are considered preparation against moist and fracture.

Preventive against Organic Fungal Growth

This characteristic comes handy, especially in wet seasons. A lot of top deck paints contain minerals that fight fungus, pests or wasps originating inside the wooden decks. Therefore, to ensure the finest aestheticism with hygienic care for your decks, grab the fungus-protective ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is priming my deck important before painting?
Answer : Yes. To deal with disturbances like dirt, debris, ​moisture, ​temperature changes and the like, priming works like a charm. And since decks are kept outdoors, protecting them from the side effects of sun rays, priming would be a good option.
Can I use a roller for my deck painting?
Answer : ​Definitely. You can start with a roller, and then give a finishing touch with a brush. For the best outcome, we recommend 2 different types of rollers. (i) Foam Nap (used for smooth decks), (ii) ¼ ” – ½ ” Nap (ideal for decks with bumps, having a medium level of smoothness).
Which one is better – painting or stain a deck?
Answer : We prefer painting. It could be staining for you. Actually, it depends on how we want the outcome to be. If you want it to act better in the face of water or under the sun, painting is preferable as it contains a sealing agent. On the other hand, the stain is perfect for bringing a natural look.
How many layers of paint are good for a deck?
Answer : There is no specific instruction on how many layers one should apply. Because everyone’s deck is different, and are their requirements. For example, one layer is enough for a wooden deck with the appropriate color conditions, while decks made of some other material accept maximum 5 layers of coating to be prepared to be used.

To Wrap Up

Now, you’re known a lot about deck paints and their features. And the rule of thumb for getting the best one is to visualize your requirements and match them with the criteria you see in the products. Consider your budget and the paint’s durability. Compare the specs and needs side by side and evaluate them thoroughly. Only then you can hope to meet the best deck paint that’ll be suitable for your condition.


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